me! My name is Scott Buffa and I am a recent graduate from Michigan State University with a bachelors degree in Computer Science. I am interested in learning how to better manage and develop large software projects, as well as further my expertise related to software development, systems engineering, game design, and computer graphics.

Academically, my course work has given me a strong background in various aspects of software development in various programming languages. Many of my classes assigned weekly and long-term projects with deadlines. I have studied client-server programming, where I created an asynchronous threaded server platform in Python with JavaScript, AJAX and SQL database features through test-driven development. In other courses I also learned agile methodologies for programming and the principles of good object oriented design such as project design models and design patterns.

Furthermore, group projects, especially those for my game specialization have improved my leadership, communication and time-management skills. I have also studied multimedia programming including basic signal and image processing and the manipulation of audio, images, and video content using C++, completing projects such as an audio synthesizer and video editor, as well as 3-D and 2D games in C#, XNA, DirectX/Direct3D.

I have also studied computer graphics where I learned the basics and some advanced topics including matrix operations, 3D models, texture mapping, scene graphs, camera viewing, illumination models and shading, ray tracing, curves, particle systems, rasterization and scanline algorithms, mesh reduction, and LOD. Some of my projects included a multithreaded raytracer, rasterization renderer with scanline algorithms, implementation of a mesh reduction algorithm, and a 3D procedurally modeled and animated scene with custom made scene graph data structures.

me at NASA When I interned at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, I learned systems engineering and integration processes including project life cycle and management, requirements verification, systems design, product realization and technical and change management processes for large scale projects. This will aid me greatly in project management of large-scale software projects. I designed, implemented and extended existing and upgraded systems engineering/project management processes by aligning the Dryden center requirements with NASA agency requirements using IBM DOORS. Also as an integration engineer intern I co-authored an N-squared document detailing interface requirements of Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle Abort Flight Test modules and their corresponding subsystems. Additionally I had worked on a project where I processed true flight and terrain data and created a 3-D animation representing actual flight tests to produce broadcast-quality animations.

At my current position I work as a web development intern at Sircon. This has given me experience in various aspects of database-backed web application development such as MVC archictectures, J2EE and ORM technologies, iterative development using scrum, quality assurance, automated load/sanity/unit testing and operational support.

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