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-Michigan State University - Bachelor of Science, Computer Science     Graduated: May 2011 from the Honors College
-GPA 3.62/4.0 Academic Scholar
-Cognate (Minor): Japanese
-Specialization: Digital Media focusing on Game Design and Development


VertaforeSircon- A Vertafore Business - Okemos, MI : May 2010 - Present

-Associate Software Engineer - Developed on large-scale J2EE web applications as part of a scrum team with two week iterations, triaged and implemented bugfixes/enhancements as part of the operational support team, and configured/upgraded the third party reporting engine for all the industry products.

-Quality Assurance - Tested bugfixes/enhancements by verifying against acceptance criteria, analyzed all product server logs, and triaged application exceptions.
-Automation Engineer - Improved automated load tests using JMeter and Badboy for all Sircon products, extended/simplified the user interface of internal automation tools, converted the automation team’s practices to use source control, and created a baseline method for automating webservice testing using SoapUI and LoadUI with Groovy.

NASANASA Dryden Flight Research Center - Edwards AFB, CA : June - August 2009

-Systems Engineer Intern - Requirements Management - Verified existing and upgraded systems engineering/project management processes using IBM DOORS.

-Orion CEV AFT (Crew Exploration Vehicle) - Co-authored N-squared documents on interface requirements of Orion Abort Flight Test modules and their corresponding subsystems.

-ACAT Project (Automatic Collision Avoidance Technology) - Developed broadcast-quality 3D animations using processed real flight and terrain data in Lightwave 9.6.


Knowledgeable In:

- Software - Soundbooth CS4, Lightwave 9.6, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, SVN, Unity 3D, IntelliJ 9, JIRA (issue management), Confluence, FishEye and Crucible (code review), Basecamp, Camtasia, Actuate 10

- Programming Languages - C++, C#, Python

Familiar With:

-Software - Project and Visio, IBM Rational DOORS (Requirements management), Photoshop CS4, maven, Bamboo (build management), SQL Developer, MySQL Developer, LDAP

-Programming - C, Sparc Assembly, VBScript, SQL, groovy, Java (including Google App Engine, Ant (working), common Java frameworks and ORM technologies including Struts, Java beans, Spring and KODO JDO/JPA (working))

-Game Design/Computer Graphics - OpenGL, XNA, DirectX, HGA

-Web Design - HTML, HTA, CSS, XML, JavaScript (including third party libraries such as JQuery, thickbox, shadowbox, browserdetect, cycle, stepcarousel, jqgrid), JSTL

-Automated Testing- Badboy, JMeter, Selenium, Nosetests, Twill, JUnit, SoapUI, LoadUI

-Project Development Paradigms - vee, waterfall, iterative and test driven development, Scrum

-Systems Engineering - Requirements verification; product lifecycle using systems design, product realization and technical management processes

-Software Design/ Architecture - Sequence, UML, MVC, Gantt chart, use-cases


-Personal Website: Google App-Engine Java web application with open source CMS.

-CSE 498 Collaborative Design /The Boeing Company: link - Developed an application that solves, optimizes, simulates, and visualizes multilinear programming problems using lpSolve, Python, and Open Scene Graph.

-TC 498 Collaborative Game Design Capstone: In collaboration with Scientifically Proven Entertainment, created an iOS game using Unity 3D.

-CSE 491 Client-Server Programming- Created threaded asynchronous server in Python with AJAX and SQL features

-CSE 473, TC 445, TC 455 - Digital Game Programming: Made 2D/3D games in Unity3D, XNA and DirectX.

-CSE 410 Operating Systems - Learned threading, concurrency, scheduling, system/OS memory management.

-CSE 472 Computer Graphics - Learned the basics of computer graphics including matrix operations, vertex normals, texture mapping, scene graphs, camera viewing, illumination and shading, ray tracing, curves (hermite, bezier, spline), and particle systems. Created a multithreaded raytracer in openGL.

-CSE 872 Advanced Computer Graphics - Advanced rasterization, lighting, shading algorithms, LOD for terrain, mesh reduction using a 3-dimensional Delaunay triangulation and Hausdorff distance for error metrics.


-2010 ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest - Team MSU
-National Member: Association for Computing Machinery - 2009 & 2010 President, MSU Chapter
-Sigma Alpha Lambda, MSU Chapter - Founding member
-Student Member: IEEE, IEEE Computer Society


-Book: The Practice of Programming Using Python (2011) - Made corrections to an early draft of the book.
-Accepted into 2010 & 2011 MSU TISM student showcase.
-MSU Engineering Scholarships - Harry Hedges Endowed, Crowe Chizek Endowed
-Business Professionals of America State Finalist - Small Business Management Team, Fundamentals of XHTML

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